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Actually, you shouldn’t buy life insurance until you’ve had a thorough discussion with a life insurance professional about how much protection you should have in place, and what kind of protection.

When you die – and you will - you want your spouse & family to have the resources to continue the life style to which they’re accustomed. A properly crafted life insurance plan is merely a purchase of a large sum of money for future delivery.

TERM INSURANCE? It’s the lowest cost, protects you during a specific period of time, but has no cash value build up. Ever heard the phrase “buy term & invest the rest”? lets discuss it.

PERMANENT INSURANCE? Might be Whole Life or Universal Life. You can be protected your entire life with permanent insurance. You never have to renew it, its always there, it can build a cash value which can be a source of funds for you in later years.

Having many carriers available to me gives me the ability to shop the market to get the best life insurance contract for you.

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