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This is one of the things you just don’t want to think about. From an “image” standpoint, its about as much fun as getting a tooth pulled. It brings up images of that awful nursing home your grandma was in years and years and years ago, and you hated it then and you still do.

Well – everything changes.

For one thing, some nursing homes are downright neat places these days. And for another: long term care insurance ain’t just for nursing homes any more.

Notice the name? “Long Term Care” – not “Nursing Home”.

Today’s products can protect you when you need care at home, in an Assisted Living Facility, or in a Nursing Home.

Won’t Medicare or Medicaid pay for those things? Well….if you don’t know the answer to that one, you should spend a few minutes with me. And I don’t think you’ll like what you learn. Its commonly thought that Uncle Sam will pay the cost of long term care for you. But Uncle Sam wants out of the LTC business. So the rules have changed, and more and more, you’re on your own.

With Long Term Care Insurance in place, when the time comes when care is needed – AND IT DOES HAPPEN IN MOST FAMILIES – you can choose the best care provider, whether its home care or facility care. Paid for by the policy you were smart enough to purchase.

And we deal with several carriers.

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